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Félix de la Rosa Pérez
Biographical Info

Degree in Tourism, I work doing customized activities, as tour guide as well as nature guide, overall hiking, wineries, geologism and birdwatching. Always in small private groups (never mixing different bookings unless they are from cruise clients) Since 2013 I´ve been working continuosly, under the comercial name of ODITEN (One Day In Tenerife), having clients from all around the world and with different preferences of service to provide them. For more details about the way we provided our services, you can access here: as well as the reviews through Google.

Teléfono | Phone


Idiomas | Languages

🇪🇸 Español, 🇬🇧 English , 🇫🇷 Français, 🇮🇹 Italiano

Trabajo en: | I work in:

Tenerife, La Gomera, La Palma, El Hierro

Especialidades | Expertise

Astronomía | Astronomy , Senderismo | Hiking, Deportes en la naturaleza | Sports in Nature, Ornitologia | Birdwatching , Cultura y Patrimonio | Heritage and Culture